Afghan Black Hash

GREAZY Afghan Black hash 2g

Step into the classic with a twist… GREAZY Afghan Black Hash! 

GREAZY Afghan Black Hash - What's In It?


It’s got that signature gummy texture you crave, delivering an incredible aroma and flavour profile all Hash-heads will love. Crafted from premium pressed, solventless kief and infused with premium live resin, this 2g powerhouse is the ultimate upgrade to traditional Afghan Black Hash.

Whether you’re smoking it straight-up, rolling it in a joint or enhancing your bong hit, this hash brings some old school style to your sesh. Perfect for the true heads who know what’s up, GREAZY Afghan Black Hash isn’t just any smokeable; it’s a trip back to historic roots, but upgraded with a GREAZY edge. Packed with rich flavour and knockout potency of 40%-48% THC, get ready for an intense ride with GREAZY Afghan Black Hash.